Industrial Motions, Inc. is a physical therapist owned, onsite provider of services designed to work directly with employers and their employees to help make the workplace safe and reduce injury.

Industrial Motions has provided employee on-site injury management and workplace risk assessments for several corporations and organizations.
Frank A. Murray, Physical Therapist-Industrial Workplace Safety

•  Reduce the number/severity of workplace injuries
•  Reduce "Lost Time Days" due to injury/disability
•  Reduce costs associated with workplace injuries

Frank Murray can come to your site and help your workers be more safe and efficient.

Kristie Nelson, PTA

Get Professional Remote Ergonomic Help from Home
If you spend more than 4 hours each day sitting and working from a computer - you could probably benefit from our services.

The end result of poor ergonomics:
- Low Back Pain
- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
- Neck Pain
- Tendinitis

Kristie Nelson of Industrial Motions, Inc. can help you minimize your risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders in your home office or workplace. Kristie is an Accredited Office Ergonomics Evaluator by North Carolina State University. Kristie can provide you with comprehensive remote workstation evaluation.

You can fill out the form at the right - Kristie will respond quickly.
She will ask you for 3-4 good photos of you working at your home office desk or work station, assess your situation and give you active recommendations on a phone call to help you get a more healthy workplace. Quick feedback and modifications to your work station will help you be more productive with less pain.

We use a flat fee of $125 for this service.

In the News

Industrial Motions, Inc. Continues to Deliver Results

RALEIGH-FAYETTVILLE NC, August 21, 2017 -- Goodyear's Fayetteville, N.C., tire factory is one of the biggest in the world, with over 2,000 production associates and a daily production capacity of approximately 35,000 tires per day. Industrial Motions, Inc., has contracted with the Fayetteville factory since 2007 to provide in-house physical therapy services for the Goodyear associates. In 2013, the plant began an injury prevention initiative developed by Industrial Motions physical therapist Frank Murray MSPT. Called the Ergonomic Sandbox project, its primary function is to reduce the frequency and severity of sprains and strains related to manual material handling tasks. "The basic premise of the program is simple," said Frank Murray. "If we develop the material-handling skills of the associates, they are able to perform material handling tasks with reduced risk of injury by controlling the variables which cause musculoskeletal injury. We want anyone who performs lifting, pushing or pulling activities at work to think of themselves as professional material handlers. Professionals have the skills and knowledge to get the job done, and they do it SAFELY."

Office Ergonomic Evaluations - Raleigh
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Training DVD Video Now Available

Physical Therapist and Injury Avoidance Specialist Frank Murray is offering his unique material handling training method as a multi-media DVD. Watch the video to the right (actual footage from the DVD) to hear Frank give a basic explanation of the importance of workload and injury management in the workplace.

This DVD seminar consists of demonstrations, practical visual examples, and practice of proper techniques. Your DVD can be used in the initial training of each employee. You can also schedule Frank to come on-site to give your employees training using your materials and tasks as the basis for implementing The Ready, Set, Lift with your Head method.

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